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M1 APWRA Monitoring Protocols - 7/11/07
M92 Revised Avian Use and Behavior Protocol Memo
M2 Burrowing Owl and American Kestrel Mortality Survey and Scavenger Rate Study Protocols
M11 Protocol: Determination of Cause of Death
M25 Decision Tree for Cause of Death
M26 Decision Tree for Bird Fatality Data Filtering
M25-27 Decision Trees July 2008

Former Protocols November 2005 Study Plan

Draft APWRA Sample Design, Field Methods, Statistical Methods (Nov 05)

Morrison Peer Review of the November 2005 Study Plan

File Name: Morrison Review APWRA_DRAFT_STUDY_PLAN_09_21_05
File Name: Morrison on WEST study plan 9-05
File Name: Morrison Email Confirming Review of WEST Changes

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