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Monitoring Results, Reports & Analyses

Altamont-Wide Analyses

M107 APWRA 2005-2013 Bird Fatality Report
M110 Draft App F Background Mortality Study
P307 SRC Comments on Final APWRA 2005-2013 Bird Year Monitoring
M109 MT Responses to SRC Comments on Draft M107
M108 November 2015 Presentation Slides
M106 July 2015 Presentation Slides
M101 APWRA 2005-2012 Bird Fatality Report
M104 June 2014 Presentation Slides
M103 February 2014 Presentation Slides
M96 APWRA 2005-2011 Bird Fatality Report
M100 August Presentation Slides
M97 March 2013 Presentation Slides
M95 Evaluation of 2010 Bird Year Rotating Panel on Fatality Rate Changes
M87 2010-11 Bird Year Monitoring Report
M94 December 2012 Presentation Slides
M90 May 2012 Presentation Slides
M88 Monitoring Team February 2012 Presentation Slides
M89 Memo on Future Monitoring
M86 APWRA Q4 Update Dec 2011 Presentation Slides
M73 Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area Bird Fatality Study, Bird Years 2005-2009
M82 Altamont Monitoring Report September 2011 Presentation
M78 Monitoring Report June 2011 Presentation Slides
M21 Monitoring Report
M66 Monitoring Report SRC Comment Table
M63 Altamont Pass Bird Fatality December 2010 Presentation Slides
M64 2009-10 Preliminary Data December 2010 Presentation Slides
M56 Altamont Pass Bird Fatality July 2010 Presentation Slides
M22 Altamont Pass Bird Fatality February 2008 Presentation Slides
M29 Altamont Progress Report July 2008 Presentation Slides
M30 2008 Bird Fatality Report Executive Summary
M39 APWRA String Characteristics Memo
M40 October 2009 Data Analysis Presentation
M48 Jan 2010 Draft Final Report Presentation

Related Analyses and Comments

P304 SRC Comments on M107 Draft Final APWRA 2005-2013 Bird Year Monitoring Report
P302 Smallwood Altamont Researdch Highlights 2011-2015
P306 Smallwood Some Comments on M107
P298 USGS Leslie New Altamont Data and Models Summary
P283 Karas CalWEA Presentation
P284 Smallwood Data Needed in Support of Repowering in the APWRA
P268 Smallwood Inter-annual Fatality rates of Target Raptor Species from 1999 through 2012
P243 SRC Comments on Draft 2010/11 Bird Year Monitoring Report M87
P190 Smallwood Review of December 2010 Monitoring Report
P189 Smallwood Report of APWRA fatality rate patterns
P144 SRC Comments on 2009 Draft Monitoring Report M21
P145 Smallwood Fatality Monitoring Results 12-31-09
P143 Ergas Questions Re MT 12-09 Draft Report
P138 Yee: October Simulation Update
P137 Next Era Core Turbines Analysis
P129 Smallwood Search Interval Summaries Supplemental to M39
P125 Stark Presentation 9-22-09
P124 Warren-Hicks Presentation 9-22-09
P123 Yee Presentation 9-22-09
P121 Yee Simulations.9-10-09
P120 Warren Hicks Altamont Mortality Model 9-9-09
P117 Warren-Hicks Summary of Data Analysis Issues 8-17-09
P109 AWI Comments on MT July 2008 Report
P107 SRC Comments on 2008 Monitoring Report M21
P101 Smallwood Karas Mortality Restricted to Recent Fatalities
P85 Yee: Estimating Method in Sept. 2007 Analysis
P84 Yee: Example Zero Values
P80 Yee Statistical Review 2008 Monitoring Report
P77 FPLE Comments on MT Draft Report
P77 FPLE Comments on MT Report (previous version)
P76 Smallwood Mortality Estimates APWRA 2005-2007
M46 MT Response to Ergas Questions 1-11-10

Background Mortality

P293 Status Update on Background Mortality Study
M105 Background Mortality Draft Study Plan
P102_Smallwood Neher - Wind Turbine-Free Ridgelines.pdf

Burrowing Owl (Click to Expand)

P245 Smallwood Et Al Burrowing Owl Density 2012
P232_Smallwood et al. Winter Owl Survey Update
P229 Smallwood et al Progress Monitoring Burrowing Owl Burrow Use
P228 Smallwood et al for NextEra Burrowing Owl Distribution and Abundance Study
P215 Alameda County Memo re Other Study Options
P216 Smallwood Proposal for Follow-up Burrowing Owl Distribution and Abundance Research
P211 SRC Burrowing Owl Survey Protocols.
P210 SRC Study Plan for Burrowing Owl Pilot Behavior Study
P205 Smallwood Neher Progress on Sampling Burrowing Owls Across APWRA
P203 SRC Revisions to M67 Burrowing Owl Mortality Hypotheses
M67 Burrowing Owl Mortality Hypotheses
P200 Smallwood 2-17-11 Presentation on Siting Hazard Model
P198 Smallwood Proposal to Sample Burrowing Owls across APWRA
M71 Analysis of Burrowing Owl Fatalities
M68 Burrowing Owl Patterns Feb 2011 Presentation Slides
P194 SRC Burrowing Owl Behavior Pilot Study Proposal
P195 SRC BUOW Cost Estimate
P90 SRC Burrowing Owl Study Plan
P91 Barclay - Burrowing Owls in Altamont Abstract
P94 Yee Burrowing Owl Study Design Sample and Plot Size Determination
P106 Smallwood Burrowing Owl Carcass Distribution around Wind Turbines

Adjustment Factors

P240 Yee QAQC Analytical Methods Update
P236 Yee Altamont Detection Probability Estimate Using QAQC
P234 Yee Simulations Using K-M Method
M83 Small Raptor Probability of Removal Analyses
P222 Yee More QAQC Simulation Analyses
M81 QAQC Study Interim Report 7-21-11 Presentation Slides
M80 QAQC Study Preliminary Report
P207 Yee Simulations 5-30-11
P199 Yee & Karas QAQC A Detection Probability Exercise
M69 QAQC Q1 Preliminary Results Feb 2011 Presentation Slides
P193 Nextera CalWEA Study Area and Monitored Contra Costa Turbines
M60 CalWEA Study Memo
P186_CalWEA Pilot Study Summary
P184 CalWEA Research Plan October 2010
P172 CalWEA Cover Memo to SRC 06-18-10
P173 CalWEA Research Plan 6-18-10
P174 SRC Comments on CalWEA Research Plan
P159 CalWEA Study Letter
M31 Carcass Removal/Scavenging Trial Draft Memo
P113 SRC Comments on Scavenging Trials Draft Memo M31
P141 Yee Feather Spot Correction Factor Memo
P118 Yee on Separate Adjustments (8-17-09)
P98 Quality Assurance and Control Methods Review
P97 Smallwood Misapplication of Adjustment Terms re Missed Fatalities
P83 Yee Comments about Rxp Denominator
M24 Karas The Life of a Carcass
M23 Altamont Statistics Comments 3-22-08

Bird Abundance, Use and Behavior

P281 Estep Regional Raptor Data Comparison 2005-2011
M91 Avian Use and Behavior Subcommittee Meeting Summary
P231 Smallwood APWRA Use Data 2005-2011
M54 Summary of Bird Use and Behavior Data Uses and Limitations Memo
P162 Smallwood & Neher Tres Vaqueros Repowering Siting
P82 Estep: Regional Raptor Population Data Summary
P88 Smallwood: Relative Abundance of Birds Offsite

American Kestrel & Burrowing Owl Study

P171 Smallwood KB Removal Rates Follow-Up
M32 APWRA draft 48-hour Search Interval (KB) Study
P111 SRC Comments on Draft 48-Hour Search Interval (KB) Study
P114 NextEra Response to M32
M18 KB Preliminary Report 1 (10/2/07)
M19 KB Table Followups (10/2/07)
M49 Small Bird Scavenging Data 3-1-10
M50 KB Data Memo 3-1-10
P154 Smallwood KB Removal Rates

Seasonal Shutdown Analyses (Click to Expand)

P265 Yee Seasonal Shutdown Model Description
M79 Karas 2011 Seasonal Shutdown Review
M13 Erickson: Updated Seasonal Shutdown Analyses (9/12/07)
M14 Erickson: 800-m raptor use tables
M15 UC: Winter shutdown tables (9/12/07)
M16 Yee: Winter Shutdown Data Analysis (9/11/07)
M16a Yee: Winter Shutdown Data Analysis - Fatality Filters (9/12/07)
M16b Yee: Analysis on Shutdown Effect Using Poisson Model (9/20/07)
M16c Yee analysis (9/14/07) Replaced by M16d and M16e
M16d Yee analysis of shutdown effect when blades lock (9/20/07)
M16e Yee analysis of shutdown effect when blades feather (9/20/07)
M16f Yee Summary of Filtered Fatality Data
M16z Guide to M16 Analyses on Shutdown Effect
P55 Yee Poisson model for op-nonop test
P56 FPLE Rotor locking information
P58 Smallwood Winter Shutdown Effect of Enertech Turbines (9/14/07)
M20 MT Winter Shutdown RTHA Fatalities (10/15/07)


P271 USGS Golden Eagle Information Brief
P239 Alameda County Memo Re APWRA Solar
P227 Orloff Weather Presentation September 2011
P135_Alameda County memo on AWI fatality reduction
P134_AWI fatality reduction report
P30 MT Action Items Compiled
P38 AIC Response to Power Output Request, 5/24/2007

Monitoring Period & Measuring Reduction

Smallwood Memo: Opinion of Some SRC Members that the Period over which Post-Management Mortality will be Estimated Remains Undefined ( 7/26/07) (P43)
Smallwood: Effects of Monitoring Duration and Inter-Annual Variability on Precision of Wind-Turbine Causes mortality Estimates in the Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area, California (7/26/07) (P44)
Yee Email: Monitoring Period and Using Averages to Measure Reduction (response to P43 and P44) (7/26/07) (P45)
SRC Discussion on 8/17/07 (P48 SRC Meeting Notes 8-17-07)


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