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Conditional Use Permits

Board Resolution

-Exhibit A1-

Permit List
Map Key

-Exhibit B-

Notice of Exemption

-Exhibit C-

Fire Requirements

-Exhibit D-

Scientific Review Comittee Overview

Consistency between Exhibit D and the SRC Charter (P18)

-Exhibit E-

Wind Power Working Group - Current Participant List - March 2005

-Exhibit F-

Rated Output by Owner

-Exhibit G-

SRC Proposed Modifications Subject to Board Approval (P21)
Exhibit G-1 for Settling Parties (S4)
Exhibit G-1 Addendum Adaptive Management Plan Adopted 3-10-11 (S32)
East County Board of Zoning Adjustments Resolution 3-10-11 (S33)
Exhibit G-2, Updated Conditional Use Permits for Non-Settling Parties (S10)

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