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Management Strategies

Seasonal Shutdown

P225 Alameda County - SRC Guidance on AWI 2011-2012 Seasonal Shutdown Waiver
Seasonal Shutdown Analyses
P112 SRC Briefing Memo Seasonal Shutdwn
SRC September 2007 Reporting Outcomes
P127 NextEra Seasonal Shutdown Process Outline SRC 9-23-09 Meeting

Removal/Relocation of Hazardous Turbines

P256 EDF 8.0 HRT Credit Request Letter
P256a EDF Turbine Overview Map
P256b EDF Turbine Map Patterson Pass
P256c EDF Turbine Table
P257 Subcom and MT Tables of EDF Turbines
P253 Alameda County Memo on 8.0 HRT Removals
P67 SRC Selection of Dangerous Wind Turbines (12/11/07)
P68 SRC Hazardous Turbine Rating List
P69 SRC Hazardous Rating Scale 2/1/08
P70 SRC Hazardous Turbine Relocation Guidelines
M74 HRT Strings of Interest Selection 2011
M75 Table 1 HRT Strings of Interest Status 1
M76 Table 2 HRT Strings of Interest Status 2
M77 Table 3 HRT Strings of Interest Status 3
P103 Smallwood Assessment of SRC Recommendations to Relocate Rated Turbines
P150 SRC Field Rating Data Sheet
M51 Hazardous Turbine Ratings
P153 Smallwood Estep Additional Hazard Ratings
P155 Smallwood SRC Turbine Ratings & Status

Adaptive Management Plan

P261 Planning Director Determination HRT 2013 Final
P260 Planning Director Determination 50 PCT 2013 Final
P176 Yee Proposal for Adjusting Baseline
P178 Smallwood Baseline Fatality Rates at Tres Vaqueros
P177 Smallwood Review of M55
M55 New Baseline Memo
P167 SRC Recommendations on Adaptive Management Proposal
P166 NextEra Memo on Smallwood AMPs Assessment
P163 County Adaptive Management Plan Proposal II
P165 NextEra Memo on Audubon Requested
P156 Adaptive Management Plan Proposal with Attachments
P161 Smallwood Assessment of AMPs

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