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The purpose of the Scientific Review Committee is to provide independent review and expertise on research and study related to wind energy production and avian behavior and safety. To this end, the goals of the group are to:

   >Provide a neutral forum for open dialogue among experts in the field with different perspectives;
   >Reach agreement on analysis and interpretation of data; and
   >Ensure sound and objective scientific review of avian safety strategies.

Work Plan

P81 SRC Meeting Plan in 2014-15


SRC Charter

Brown Act Reference Guide

Brown Act Reference Guide

Miscellaneous Documents

P224 Summary of Significant Actions & Milestones in the 2010-11 Bird Year
P146 APWRA Monitoring Report Purposes & SRC Policy Context
P147 Smallwood Summary of SRC Recommendations and Concerns
P148 Smallwood Progress of Avian Wildlife Protection Program

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