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Current & Potential Studies

Mixer/Ejector Wind Turbine (MEWT) Design

P273 Forebay Wind, LLC Decommissioned Turbines

P250 Alameda County Memo re FloDesign Study Expansion

P246 Smallwood FloDesign Detection Trial Protocol

P238 Smallwood FloDesign Draft Study Design April 2012

P241 CEC PIER 2012 Grant Notification

P223 Smallwood FloDesign Study Design

P219_FloDesign 7-21-11 Presentation on Avian Safety Validation Project

P218 enXco 7-21-11 Presentation on Patterson Pass

P213 Alameda County Memo to SRC FloDesign enXco Research Project

P214 FloDesign Avian Validation Study

Blade Painting

P47 AWI Draft Black Blade Study Plan (10/19/07)

P57 Yee: Statistical power for blade painting (9/16/07)

P57b Yee Calculation of stat power for blade painting (9/18/07)

P60 Smallwood Dissenting Opinion AWI Blade Painting Study (10/2/07)

P62 Estep Comments on AWI Black Blade Study (11/5/07)

P63 Smallwood Comments on AWI Blade Study (11/7/07)

P57c Yee Statistical Power for blade painting (11/13/07)


Smallwood E-Mail on Flights through Turbine Strings for Pylon Study (5/28/07) (P32)

SRC Meeting Notes 5-8-07 (P31)

FPLE 6-4-07 Email on Cost Estimate for Pylons (P42)


Uncertainty and Spatial Linear Models for Ecological Data (R38)

Distribution and Density of Moose in Relation to Landscape Characteristics: Effects of Scale (R39)

Sampling and Geostatistics for Spatial Data (R40)

Predicting Finite Populations from Spatially Correleated Data (R41)

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