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Tiered Classification


Smallwood and Spiegel Reports on Tiered Classification System


Yee Kappa Test Memo (P23)

FPLE Credit Request (Settlement related)

P40 SRC Decision on FPLE Credit for Removing High Risk Turbines
P24A Partnership - Green Ridge Power, Wind Turbine Removal and Relocation Project, 4-10-07
P24B FPLE Relocation Sites
P24C Species & Date Found
P24D FPLE Turbine Operating Hours for Derelict List
P24E: FPLE Turbine Operating Hours 2002-2004 for Derelict List
P24F: FPLE Partnership - Green Ridge Power Wind Turbine Removal and Relocation Project 7-15-2007 (Update of P24A)
P24G: FPL Energy Letter to Sandra Rivera on Remaining SRC Questions on FPLE Credits 7/15/2007
P24H.1: Email Additional supporting documents referred to in 7-15-07 letter re FPLE credits
P24H.2: Smallwood NWCC Nov 2003
P24H.3: Thelander presentation at FWS meeting 1-28-04
P24H.4: Speigel_Altamont NWCC presentation 11-04
P24I.1: Email Additional supporting documents refd to in 7-15-07 letter re FPLE credits - 2 of 2
P24I.2: Thelander Expert Letter On Altamont
P22_Verification of Tier 1 & 2 Wind Turbine Shutdowns and Relocations, K. Shawn Smallwood, 15 April 2007
P26 Smallwood 4-23-07 Memo on FPLE Credit Request
P41 Smallwood 7-19-07 Response to P24 Documents on FPLE Credits
P46 Memo Re Yee Decision on FPLE Credits 8-13-07

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