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Dr. Joanna Burger

Dr. Joanna Burger is Distinguished Professor of Biology at Rutgers University. She obtained a PhD in behavioral ecology from the University of Minnesota, and is a Fellow in the American Ornithological Union and on the Committee of 100 of the International Ornithological Congress. She has served on numerous National Academy of Sciences Committees and Councils, on EPA committees, on Technical Advisory Committees for U.S. Fish & Wildlife Recovery Teams (endangered and threatened species), and on the New Jersey Endangered and NonGame Species Council (25 years). Her primary research has been in behavioral ecology, ecotoxicology and risk assessment, and biomonitoring. She has studied the interactions of people and birds for over 30 years, including preventing bird-aircraft interactions at airports, effects of people on nesting, migrating and foraging birds, population dynamics and habitat use of birds in Barnegat Bay for 30 years (ongoing), contaminant loads in birds and their eggs for 35 years, effects of mercury and other contaminants on avian development, and using birds as bioindicators of environmental health. These studies involve considerable monitoring, censusing, data-collection, data analysis, report-writing, and publication. Her interests continue to be the solving of environmental problems such that people (and their activities) can co-exist with healthy avian populations and ecosystems. Additional research involves public perceptions and attitudes, inclusion of stakeholders in solving environmental problems, and the efficacy of conducting stakeholder-driven and stakeholder-collaborative research. This research has resulted in over 400 publications in peer-reviewed journals, the writing or editing of 19 books (mainly on birds), and numerous popular articles. She serves on the editorial boards for several journals. Her funding over the years has come from U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, EPA, NSF, NIMH, NIEHS, DOE, Wildlife Trust, Trust for Public Lands, and the New Jersey DEP.

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